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My Mom and I purchased a Vacation Membership with the Villa Group on June 24th, last month. When we returned to Canada, we discovered a few items that we had some concerns about and wanted to contact our salesperson. Our salesperson responded to us within 24 hours and said he would try to resolve our problem by the end of the day. In addition to our phone call with our salesperson, the Developer's Rep called me to acknowledge he had also received my concerns that I submitted online and was working with the sales team to resolve this issue asap.

Both the sales team and Developer's Rep were completely responsive to my concerns and I can honestly say that now my Mom and I are completely satisfied.

If anyone has an issue like I did, I reached the Developer's Rep at 011-52-322-224-8365.

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Sorry. This reeks of a VPD employee trying to do damage control.

They simply don't respond to even simple questions within 24 hours. Note that they don't even name the "developer's rep" which any normal person would to give a shout out to someone who helped them.

"Developer's rep" is the made up ID that VDP/Villa Group employees use online when they try to rebut complaints about their activities. Nice try!

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